A Tiny House

Alek and Anjali and their dog, Anya, live in a tiny house in Sonoma county. According to Alek, their tiny house forces them to live more simply, because they have no room to hoard things. Additionally, the tiny house allows them to live debt free and in a sustainable way. They also spend more time outdoors because their space is so small.





One of the things I love about tiny houses such as this is, as Alek states, they force one to live more simply. With less space, one must be conscious of what they have and bring into their home because, in a home so small, things can quickly accumulate into clutter. They use a combination of space saving furniture, such as the foldaway table, and clever organization, such as the bookshelves above the windows and doors (which add an extra layer of storage). Their home may be small yet it is completely functional.
The multitude of windows create a sense of space, the outdoors become a part of the living room, and they let in lots of natural light. And one of my favorite feature of the home is the use of wood on the walls and ceiling, which acts as a detail because of the white walls.
This is a wonderfully airy and comfortable home as well as sensible, simple, and sustainable/green. >

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